JataVeda training is a journey that will truly be a transformative one, of mind, body, and spirit.


Our ultimate goal is to provide students with a safe place to learn and grow. We hope that through this training you find a deeper connection to your practice and begin what is a lifelong journey, both on and off the mat. This training will merely be a scratch on the surface of what will be a continuous quest for more knowledge!

As teachers and yogis we hope this is more than just information. The world has many well-informed teachers. We hope to foster good humans who are also great teachers. May this welcome serve as a reminder of the commitment you have made to yourselves. There will be many ups and downs along the way, anything worth doing has both, but you have made it a priority to know more and start peeling away the layers of self. Please be kind to one another and most of all to yourselves. Stay curious, question authority, and take time to reflect. We as teachers welcome it with open arms.

It is important to us as that you keep seeking truth in all things and that you begin to acknowledge that there is more than one answer.

Enjoy the journey.


Paula and Keri