Student testimonials

"When I first learned about the Tattva Teacher training being offered by Keri & Paula, I was immediately intrigued.  I have taken classes with them over the years and I have come to love their teaching style. Their upbeat, positive energy, their emphasis on anatomy, how they break down poses in class much like a workshop. I knew by learning from them I would come away with a strong understanding of the physical practice and how to teach them. What I was not prepared for was the spiritual transformation I would undergo. Keri and Paula bring as much passion to the other facets of yoga, as they do to breaking down the proper way to do chatarunga dandasana. This training is jam-packed with content beyond asanas -- breath work, meditation, philosophy, spirituality, nutrition, healing, subtle body. I have walked away from this training with a deeper understanding for yoga, a stronger connection to my own practice and the confidence to share this practice with others through teaching."

- Diana Ross-Gotta, Tattva Fall 2014 graduate

"I decided to join the first Tattva Teacher Training because Paula and Keri are two of my favorite yoga teachers - both of them bring equal parts creativity and thorough knowledge to all their students. That mix was constant throughout the Tattva training and meant we all got solid information in an engaging environment, as I expected. What I didn't expect was the sense of community that these two wonderful teachers created. That community made it possible for each of us to feel safe, supported and encouraged to grow. I came into training just wanting to deepen my practice, but Keri, Paula, my Tattva friends and all the guest teachers inspired me to share my love of yoga - and the training ignited in me a true passion to teach."

- Jeanette Doherty, Tattva Fall 2014 graduate

"I totally decided on a whim to check out teacher training programs. It was something I wanted to do to gain more knowledge about yoga practice and to give myself a new challenge in life that did not pertain to my job. I am not a hardcore yogi. I sometimes go months between having a regular class practice. So, I was a little apprehensive about not being the intermediate student that I thought I needed to be. And, kind of like all things in my life, I didn't burden myself with a whole lot of research and stress when it came to picking out the program to join. I do take classes at Area so I already knew I liked the studio. So, when I went to the Open House hosted by Keri and Paula I was already feeling good about it.

"They were so informative and excited. I LOVED the idea that this was their first teacher training program to teach. I knew that they were going to go at it with all they've got. I also met others with the level of yoga practice I had. So, that made me feel more confident.

"Going into the open house it was still just an idea to apply and when I left I went straight home and filled out and emailed the application. I was so excited when I got the “you’re in” response from them!

"The experience was nothing less than amazing. Eleven full weekends seemed so daunting and kind of depressing to be losing out on all the free time and days off from work. But, in reality going to class was so fun. We all bonded in so many ways.
The work is hard, the homework/studying somewhat abundant and the hours long. 
But seriously, it was all SO doable. Once you commit to the class you will not regret any of it.

"I still haven’t decided whether or not I want to teach. Which is ok to me. It is now an option and I feel like Keri and Paula gave me the knowledge to honestly to begin that journey.

"And now, I am more dedicated to my practice than ever and have a whole world of yoga to continue to learn about."

- Marta Baumann, Tattva Fall 2014 graduate

"The Tattva Training completely changed my life! It gave me tools to really start living my soul's potential and helped me find my authenticity and my voice! I will forever be grateful to my wonderful mentors, Keri and Paula.

"The instructors really know what they are talking about and they are hard-core yoga intellects! Therefore, throughout the life of this training, I was infused with their intuitive confidence and their knowledge in a very accepting and loving environment. 

"The focus of their teaching method is about acceptance and encouragement of one's unique spiritual evolution through teaching (as a practice in class to fellow trainees), writing about one's reaction to reading yoga sutras, etc. Therefore, every week I was able to put in practice what I learned, and transformed knowledge from abstract to reality and build on my spiritual journey.

"This training is not just about learning Asanas, but also various aspects of spiritual awakening and framework, traditional and emerging, such as doshas, chakras, meditation, breathing techniques. It is mind blowing how much I learned and how many tools I was introduced to learn more about in my future practice.

"And most importantly, this training is about community and supportive soul sisters. When you go through such physical, intellectual and spiritual changes (which this training will untap within you), having people with similar mindset just seeking their truth will do wonders. "

- Neba, Tattva Fall 2014 graduate